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Cockroaches can move very quickly on ceilings, walls and other smooth surfaces. Once cockroaches have entered a home, they look for dark, warm and humid hiding places. Here they can easily survive and reproduce for a long time. A single cockroach pair is able, if conditions are ‘ideal’, to produce the astonishing amount of 40,000 offspring each year.

Cockroaches eat virtually everything, and as they are able to survive without food for over 40 days, they can also survive in clean, hygienic environments and houses. If a house or building contains a lot of dirt, the cockroach has ideal circumstances to reproduce extremely fast.

What can you do to prevent cockroaches?

  • Inspect your goods for cockroaches before allowing them into your house;
  • Properly ventilate your house and do not let the temperature raise too high. The cockroach feels excellent at a 25° Celsius temperature;
  • Properly store your food and waste so that cockroaches cannot reach it. Using storage containers or canisters also prevents access for other vermin;
  • Regularly and thoroughly clean your kitchen and seal cracks, seams and feed through openings made for pipes.

EWS Pest control gladly supports you to combat nuisance caused by cockroaches. After completing a thorough inspection, we create a control plan for you.

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