The Plagen Preventie Dienst (PPD), or Pest Prevention Department, was founded in 1999. PPD was active in the field of, among others, industrial hygiene, wood preservation, fauna management and bird control. The core business was preventing and combating animal pests.

After a collaboration in 2009, PPD took over the Belgian EWS. This is why the company PPD/EWS, part of the PPD/EWS Holding B.V. originated from early in 2010. PPD/EWS consisted of two divisions, namely PPD and EWS. Just like previous years, PPD focused on pest control. The EWS division was divided into two divisions: EWS Gas measurement and EWS Fumigation. The activities of EWS Gas measurement consist of measuring (residual) gases in containers and fumigating said containers if necessary. EWS Fumigation specialises in combating various types of pests through fumigants. In just a short time the EWS Gas measurements division developed into a market leader in its field.

In 2015 the management chose to continue under the name EWS Group as of 2016 to promote recognisability. The EWS Group consists of six divisions, each with their own specialisation:

The EWS Group head office is situated in Werkendam, the Netherlands. Apart from the head office in the Netherlands, EWS has several European branches in Belgium, Austria, Spain and Germany.

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