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Confused flour beetle fumigation

The confused flour beetle (Tribolium confusum), also called the flour beetle, is a darkling beetle species. This beetle is an infamous frequent visitor able to cause significant damage in silos, storage locations, grocery stores and houses where flour and wheat are stored. The beetle has a 3-4mm length and a reddish brown colour. They live of broken grain, grain dust and other edibles such as flour, rice, dried fruits, nuts and beans. The damage they inflict primarily consists of contamination with excrements, dead beetles and smelly excretions.

EWS can fumigate your stored goods that are infested with the confused flour beetle. We fumigate confused flour beetles in contaminated supplies in the following forms: bulk, bags, big bags, silos, barges and containers. By fumigating them, all stock harming insects in each life stage will be neutralised.

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