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OVID-19 – well known as the Coronavirus – opens the eyes of the entire world regarding to hygiene, cleaning and disinfection. Frouke Kieboom, who works at a medical practice in Geertruidenberg The Netherlands, takes her responsibility: “Supporting and take care of each other is very important to prevent contamination. A disinfection of EWS Group based on hydrogen peroxide is very welcome at the practice. ”

Professional Disinfection Corona room

Frouke Kieboom is a medical practice assistant at Medical Care practice Jacobs, Lammers and Smit in Geertruidenberg in The Netherlands. She is also registered as a BIG and has worked as a district nurse. Her experience is very welcome in this dynamic time of the Corona crisis. Doctors and nurses currently recognize high pressure in their work environment. They do everything they can to prevent infections so that they can still treat as many patients as possible. A doctor is even exempted from treating (possible) corona patients. The most important measure will be a disinfection treatment by EWS Group in one treatment room, killing up to 99.9% bacteria and viruses.

Only patients (possible) infected with Corona and designated doctors may enter the disinfected room. “Thanks to EWS Group we have a special COVID-19 room,” says Kieboom. Working in this environment feels much safer ”. In addition, professional disinfection based on hydrogen peroxide is more reliable than normal disinfection, because the disinfection of EWS Group can reach all possible angles and kills an unimaginably high percentage of all micro-organisms. “That gives a sense of security,” says Kieboom. That is why we can treat these (potentially) infected patients in this room so we don’t have to take any risks for other patients.

EWS Group is a renowned company and market leader in controlling air concentrations in closed spaces, fumigation and pest control. Ragarding to the knowledge and skills of various divisions, EWS Group has developed an innovative product for disinfecting spaces based on hydrogen peroxide. The proven treatment kills bacteria and fights viruses. More information here.