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Heat treatment – BMSB

The brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) is an agricultural pest that originates from China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. As we speak, the BMSB is spreading through the USA, Canada and some parts of Europe, damaging crops, fruits and ornamental trees. That is why Australia and New Zealand are taking measures against the insects.

This mandatory measures mean that target cargo shipped from all ports in the United States and any European ports that load cargo manufactured or stored in Italy after the start of the high-risk season, has to be treated against the BMSB. The high-risk season concerns cargo shipped between September the 1st in 2020 and May the 31st in 2021 (these dates included).

The target cargo includes the following:

  • New and used vehicles, vessels and high-risk machinery and parts;
  • All containerized goods via sea cargo from Italy that arrive in Australia and New Zealand.

The two treatment methods against the BMSB are heat treatment and fumigation. EWS is the specialist in both, with our own heat treatment ovens and fumigation areas across Europe. Heat treatment is a form of bio treatment and eliminates the use of toxic products.

For more information about fumigating your cargo against the BMSB, go to: fumigation BMSB.

Aqis - Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (Australia)

Official website AQIS – BMSB

Fumigation BMSB

We also offer fumigation against the BMSB

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